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dark ink, lainey delaroque

Dark Ink (Dark Things #2) by Lainey Delaroque – Free eBooks Download


After a gang raid doesn’t go to plan, the lives of Tanya, Ben and Jenya are thrown into chaos.

I escaped a cult. I helped bring down a depraved club. I’m a survivor.
I thought I put all the ugly behind me—I was wrong.
I can’t forget Ben, despite his betrayal. Now the cult is back, and my enemies have dragged him into danger.
I can’t let him be hurt. This is my fight.

I don’t know why Tanya is upset with me. I want to see her smile again.
If I confront her, I will somehow make things worse, so I throw myself into work. Blowing up things is easy.
Except when a random teenager follows you home after.
Jenya survived the raid, and she wreaks havoc from the moment I met her.
Yet as she opens up, I realize her bizarre past might be just the thing needed to bring me and Tanya back together.

My world was destroyed. My protector abandoned me.
The only way out I see is to follow Ben, a man I just met. He will take me back to my people.
And if not, the Darkness will claim us all.
The three are forced to face the same terrifying enemy despite their different backgrounds, but will they succeed when past feelings pit them against each other?

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