Daring Eagle Daddy’s Precious Little Princess by Amelia Wilson (ePUB)

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Daring Eagle Daddy’s Precious Little Princess (Sheriff Shifters Daddies #3) by Amelia Wilson – Free eBooks Download


He was her chance to escape her past for good. She was the first person who ever made him think about how lonely it can be to be alone.

Drake is perfect!
He’s sexy and he’s charming.
He’s so damned strong and he walks like royalty!
He’s mysterious, too. There is something behind his eyes I just can’t figure out.
He’s everything I ever wanted.
He’s the sheriff around here and even though I won’t admit it, I’m in this town because he is.
I want him.
I need him.
He’s also a Daddy, and I definitely need a Daddy.
I want to be Drake’s little girl.
If I can just break free from the mistakes of yesterday!

Eagles are loners.
They live their lives without entanglement.
Eagle shifters are no different.
I’m no different.
Sure, I’m always around people but I’m always alone, just the way I like it.
But this girl…
This Caitlyn has me thinking about more than a fling.
Hell, I’ve had lots of flings.
I don’t get attached for more than that.
In no time at all, I spread my wings and fly.
But Caitlyn…
Now that’s a little girl I can see changing me maybe.
But I need to figure out her secret first.

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