Dare To Free Us by Rene McMordie (ePUB)

dare free us, rene mcmordie

Dare To Free Us (Daring Hearts #2) by Rene McMordie – Free eBooks Download


I had everything I’d ever dreamed of. After years of being forced apart we could finally be together.
Matteo is my heart. My home. The other half of my soul. Now and forever.
But the past has come back to haunt us. Bringing with it uncertainty and a lack of confidence in knowing where my heart draws the line.
It’s amazing how one little thing can change your entire outlook on the life. It’s forced me to make a choice I never thought I’d face.
The life I wish for my unborn child, or the man who owns my heart.
One will be sacrificed.
When my demons, his birthright and our enemy all seek to destroy us, it becomes a war of no winners, and betrayal on all fronts.
Because our enemy is not only out for blood, but our souls as well.
The enemy is determined. The enemy is cunning.
And we never is it coming.

Arianna is my peace. My happiness. My solace in the darkness I was born into.
The past has returned to take what is mine with a bloody and malicious vengeance.
I will not allow that to happen.
The war consumes me, crushing me under the weight of what will be lost if I fail.
But the cost of war is great and much more than I can bare to live with.
Arianna and the heir that gowns in her belly is the reason I live. Breath. Fight for the security of our world.
But our enemy knew exactly where to hit. Even if I win the war, the ultimate prize is already lost.
Arianna warned me, and I refused to listen.
The only freedom that exists in our world is death.
And our enemy will settle for nothing less than a slow and painful obliteration.

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