Dare to Dream by Kiernan Kelly (ePUB)

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Dare to Dream (Dragon Islands #2) by Kiernan Kelly – Free eBooks Download


Dare hasn’t always been an upstanding dragon in his community. He’d been born on the wrong side of town, growing up with his twin brother Dire and running wild. He’d taken up with a bad crowd and hurt others as a result, but he’s working on making up for it. He dreams of a family of his own but fears his past has made him unworthy of love. That is, until he met Grim.

Grim, Moonstone Clan’s best carver, lived a quiet life, content with carving and minding his own business. But the day a handsome dragon named Dare walked into his shop, that all changed. He found he wanted nothing more than to spend every waking moment with Dare, loving him and being loved in return.

Not everyone is happy to see the two dragons mate. In fact, there are forces willing to go to great lengths to keep it from happening. Can Dare and Grim find happiness in each other’s arms, or is it all an impossible dream?

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