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Dancers, Quitters, and Garden Gnomes by Emily Evans – Free eBooks Download


Thayer’s sick of dating the girls at Shay Prep who use his family to get ahead in society. He decides to date a girl from the prep school across town. That’s when his best friend offers him a challenge, “Stop with the prep school girls. Go out with a regular girl, someone not paying 100K a year in tuition.” It was one of those ideas that hit him as right. Thayer musses his perfect hair, ditches his Shay Prep blazer and accepts the challenge. Twelve dollars will buy him a bit of truth—will a Manhattan girl go out with a guy who only has twelve dollars to spend on their date? He finds Alyssa, the pretty scholarship dancer.

Alyssa’s a dancer who loves choreography. She’s new to town and she’s done with mean dance teams, and dance instructors who insult to motivate. She’s out to prove that an appreciative, supportive choreographer can win the Willow Dance Championship. When handsome, witty Thayer asks her out, the lights of New York shine even brighter. She doesn’t know he’s lying about his last name, thinks she’s a poor scholarship girl, and is on a date with her as an experiment. And when she finds out, she’ll make him pay.

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