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dancer in waves, farrah fox

Dancer In The Waves by Farrah Fox – Free eBooks Download


When the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, the world unites in celebration of a ground-breaking medical advancement. The once-unimaginable technology promises to vanquish disease, extend life expectancy, increase intelligence, and physical prowess. But unknown to most people it also grants extraordinary abilities and unearthed latent powers to those converted into a rare alpha dynamic.
The new division between alphas, betas and unchanged humans divides humanity once again in a rigid social stratification. With the impossibility to keep the previous political systems, unrest between converted and non converted humans increases.
Amidst these changes stands Alice. Her life takes a turn when her conversion results in an extremely rare dynamic, unknown to the general public. Now she finds herself pursued by power hungry Alphas seeking control, rebels determined to break the new system, and enigmatic powers responsible for upholding the new society’s structure. Alice finds herself dragged by a tide of events that threaten to drown her in an oppressive control by lovers, friends and foes.

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