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Damon (Hailstorm MC #2) by Alexis Ashlie – Free eBooks Download


“Angel.” That’s the first thing out of her mouth as she wakes, and though I give her the gentlest smile I can muster, I’m pissed. If only we’d gotten to Giovanni sooner, maybe I could have stopped her torment. But I’m thankful she’s alive.
I hardly know this girl, yet my heart now beats for only her. I want her — in every way. But she’s been hurt, betrayed, so I restrain my urges and focus on the only thing I can do to ease that pain. I promise myself that I’ll return that smile to her gorgeous face, and not even Giovanni’s memory can stop me.

When I reopen my eyes, the first person to greet me is an angel. That’s the only way to articulate the warmth that fills me at the sight of this man. I learn later he’s not the angel I’d thought: he’s Vice President of the Hailstorm Motorcycle Club.
Despite my horrible attitude, Damon refuses to leave my side. Little by little, I’m slowly melting to his gentleness, but can I ever return his feelings when the memory of Giovanni and the lies I’d lived haunt my every thought. If he knew I was no innocent, that I’d done some shady things and even deserved what Giovanni did to me, would he still want me?

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