Damned By the Succubus by Melody Calder (ePUB)

damned succubus, melody calder

Damned by the Succubus (Soul Slayer #1) by Melody Calder – Free eBooks Download


I was born to harvest souls for Lucifer, the ruler of the underworld. I have the perfect cover in the human realm, working in Club Euphoria, where the wealthy pay for torture and deaths of their enemies. I just have to play by the rules… no death beyond the doors of the establishment. It keeps us dark creatures in line and saves the owner the headache of cleaning up our messes.
The worst of the worst predators are sent my way. Whatever I dish out during their demise is what they will relive for an eternity in Hell. No one can match my skills and that’s why I’m Lucifer’s favorite demoness.
Too bad my perfection has the attention of Lucifer himself.
After I let a predator on the streets live, the devil claimed I became too soft. And now I have to either let loose on the human realm, leaving behind my perfect life, or become his queen in Hell by his side.

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