Damaged Wolf’s Dirty Secret by Serena Meadows (ePUB)

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Damaged Wolf’s Dirty Secret (Lumberjack Wolves #3) by Serena Meadows – Free eBooks Download


I’ve sworn to protect my town and my clan.
As a wolf shifter and the sheriff, it’s my duty to keep the ship from sinking.
Even if I have to do something that I could be punished for.
Such as…
Hiring a human to fill the ranks at the sheriff’s office.
A beautiful woman at that.
Maggie’s new job does not go over well with the clan council.
They are not happy that I hired her.
Maggie moved into town with her son to escape family drama.
But she doesn’t know the story behind her late grandparents’ house that she’s living in.
And I don’t want to be the one to reveal it.
Maggie’s life is in danger and she has to know the painful truth.
I can’t afford to lose her.
Our working relationship has turned into something completely different.
Keeping Maggie and her son in my life is non-negotiable, especially now that she’s pregnant with my baby.
All secrets be damned… I will keep my family safe.
Even if that means choosing between love and loyalty toward the clan.

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