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Daemon Master (Daemon Master #1) by Elric Shaw – Free eBooks Download


Centuries ago, daemons drove humanity to the brink of extinction. Serenity Corp’s discovery of bondstones—mystical gems that enslaved these formidable creatures to fight on behalf of their human masters—turned the tide. Since then, Serenity Corp’s monopoly on daemon bonding has ensured their unrivaled dominance…until now.

Adrian used to dream of following in his parents’ footsteps and defending civilization from the wild daemons that continue to threaten it. Unfortunately, his weak aether seemed to leave him unfit for anything but catching strays. Resigned to mediocrity, he carries out his duty while trying to ignore the townsfolk’s pity and his ex-friend Seymour’s sneering contempt.
Everything changes when a routine assignment thrusts him into the midst of a conspiracy seeking to cover up a new way of bonding daemons—one that doesn’t strip them of their free will. Suddenly society’s most wanted fugitive, he finds himself on the run armed with nothing but his newfound knowledge, his daemons, and an uneasy alliance with Seymour.
Venturing into the wilds, Adrian is determined to master this new bond and strengthen his aether. Confronted by terrifying monsters, a relentless assassin, and enigmatic magic, he must rely on his daemons and Seymour if he hopes to survive.

But can Adrian truly alter the course of the ceaseless conflict between humans and daemons…or will he prove to be the failure he’s always feared?

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