Daddy’s Reckless Little by Jess Winters (ePUB)

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Daddy’s Reckless Little (Vegas Daddy’s Little Girl #11) by Jess Winters – Free eBooks Download


She lives life on the edge; he’s trying to keep her from falling off.

Why do the highs of life
Always come with lows?
I can feel my life start to crumble,
Even as I feel the urge to go play the slots again.
When I’m forced to get help,
The counselor is the hottest man I’ve ever seen in my life.
Since he’s a dictator in therapy sessions,
I’m surprised by his kindness and generosity when I need it.
My mind tells me to depend on only myself,
But my body burns for him to be my Daddy
And I want to believe him
When he promises he’ll take care of me.

Helping people has always been my calling.
But helping people who don’t want to be helped is my true talent.
Lacey falls into that category.
Knowing her brother,
I figured she’d be a typical case of addiction.
Little did I know how addictive she could be.
Who could have predicted how badly I’d want her to be my Little?
When she’s threatened by her addiction,
I’ll do everything in my power to save the sexy, sassy love of my life.
But will it be enough for her to see she’s worthy of saving?

Daddy’s Reckless Little is a stirring story with frisky moments and electrifying action. It’s an ageplay romance featuring consenting adults who turn out to be a perfect match for each other. It includes DDLF and ABDL elements, drama, and an exciting Happily Ever After! Enjoy!

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