Daddy’s Little Bonny Babe by Alice Newgate (ePUB)

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Daddy’s Little Bonny Babe (The Rocky Mountains Daddy #1) by Alice Newgate – Free eBooks Download


Bonnie is a superstar in the baking world, she’s known around the world and is sponsored luxury appliances just to use in her videos, but even with all that in her life she’s still lonely – lonely because no one understands what she is, or who she is.
Sandy has had trust issues with women for most of his life. It all started with his very first broken heart. Being a single guy in a town this small makes meeting new chicks near impossible, so to beat Clay to the new girl moving into their street he heads on over the first chance he gets. Destiny is laughing, all the way to Heaven.
Every girl needs at least one boy in her life who treats her like a queen. No one ever did, no one but my very first boyfriend. We started going steady when I was just five and he was six. As a Little there are many days when I wish I could have that kind of love back.
They say be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.
I have a thing for redheads, it must be my Celtic blood or something, so when the babe next door turns out to be one I think I need to make her acquaintance, STAT. Being a physics professor is the biggest cock blocker I have in my life and despite my love for it it’s becoming the bane of my existence.
Then I meet her and my entire world upends. I can’t go back, we can only go forwards. It’s insane because I’m ready to propose. She changes everything.

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