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Mike Masters
It’s the second time in as many months that I’m before a judge.
Both times I settled with my ‘victims’ out of court, but the law says different.
Assault and battery is a felony charge, and one they don’t drop so easy the second time around because it’s become my new weakness.
The judge says one more strike and I’m getting more than a stern look and another red mark against my name.
How was I to know it wasn’t her they were with?
I swore it on the bible in court and I’ll swear it again. I thought those two guys were with her. Both times.
I f*cking saw her…
But as it turns out I just saw her instead of whoever they were arguing with in public.
Every time I go anywhere, I see her.

If I close my eyes, I see her. When I sleep I see her.
And waking up without her next to me is just a fucking insult.
She’s become more than just a crush. And way more than just an obsession.
So when I see a guy with her. When I swear I see her twice in two months getting mistreated? Of course I step in.
Trouble is, the real Mary Jane? She’s my best friend Brett’s daughter and she doesn’t even know I exist.
Not in the way I want her to notice me.
And even more trouble for me, I’m seeing her everywhere that she’s not. It’s gonna be three for three the next time I go anywhere. I can just feel it.
Knowing this is gonna destroy me, or my friendship with Brett as well as maybe my freedom. I think maybe I should just get away.
Go someplace cold and damp so I can forget all about her. Forget what she’s doing to me without her even trying.
But a surprise call from my buddy asking me for help changes everything.
I mean, every. Fucking. Thing.
He’s broken down on his way to some daddy-daughter day she’s having at work. But all I hear is Mary Jane and me in the same sentence.
I’m already there in my mind before he’s even finished asking.
Daddy for a day?
I might be losing my best friend, but I’m gaining a daughter. For a few hours at least while I pretend to be her dad.

How ‘bout I make you a mommy instead?
Put a baby in that belly of yours, huh Mary Jane?
I think this daddy needs you as his mommy. And not just for a day.
I need you, Mary Jane.

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