Daddy Danger At Little Rapids by Zack Wish (ePUB)

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Daddy Danger At Little Rapids (Gruff Guardian Daddies #2) by Zack Wish – Free eBooks Download


There’s a new Little in town, and he’s different from all the rest. The boy needs guidance and a safe place to stay, but which Daddy has it in him to look after this rebellious rich kid? And does this Daddy need a safeword too?
Harry grew up around money. The best schools, yachts, and summers in Europe were the norm. But what Harry never had was anyone who understood or accepted him for who he truly was. Harry left home on his eighteenth birthday and never looked back…
Harry has spent the last couple of years travelling from town to town, searching for a place to settle. Another job ends with Harry being fired and he jumps on the overnight bus to Little Rapids more in hope than expectation of finally finding his forever home – and who knows, maybe even a Forever Daddy.
Cooper Nails is ex-military. Cooper is a gruff, decorated veteran who served his country with honor and pride – and has the scars and tattoos to prove it. Cooper has never, ever backed down in his entire life. This approach may have worked in war-torn countries, but in his personal life it’s meant finding a Little has been difficult, to say the least.
Cooper may have a body like a Trojan warrior, but his weakness lies in his inability to open-up and be vulnerable. Cooper is proof that sometimes Daddies need safewords too.
Little Rapids is a safe, cozy community and with a little help, Harry quickly begins to see the town as the wonderful place it is. The fact that his and Cooper’s chemistry is off the charts is the sweet and steamy cherry on top of the cake.
As Harry and Cooper’s attraction reaches boiling point, so does the action around them. When a dangerous new gang from out of town sets its sights on Little Rapids, not only is Harry’s dream future in danger but his life is too. Harry needs a Gruff Guardian Daddy and suddenly this could be Cooper’s most dangerous mission yet.

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