Dad Bod: Troll by Hattie Jacks (ePUB)

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Dad Bod: Troll (Dad Bod Monster) by Hattie Jacks – Free eBooks Download


One billionaire troll, one accidental auction, one huge mistake…

‘Earn extra £££ in just one night, human females only.’ Never look a gift…troll in the mouth. Or answer a flyer pushed through your door…

Not following my own advice is how I found myself standing on a stage, squinting into a bright light while a monster auctioneer shouts out sums of money the like of which I’ve never even imagined.
And now I’ve been bought by the biggest troll I’ve ever seen, at an auction I shouldn’t even have been involved in.
Max offers me a deal, if I agree to spend the month with him as his companion, he’ll pay me what I cost at the auction, no strings attached.
He might have the deepest, darkest most sinful voice I think I’ve ever heard and when he shows me to the most opulent penthouse I’ve ever encountered, complete with library, I’m more than tempted.
As the month goes by, I find I like spending time with my handsome, built-for-comfort, grumpy troll, who turns out to be far sweeter than his granite exterior implies. Yet, all of this is simply a business arrangement, and I can’t forget it.

I’m sure I must have made a big mistake and I’m having second thoughts about the deal. Max offered me a lifetime of ease with his contract, but am I selling my soul…or am I more scared of losing my heart when all of this inevitably comes to an end?

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