Dad Bod Gargoyle by Fern Fraser (ePUB)

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Dad Bod Gargoyle (Dad Bod Monster) by Fern Fraser – Free eBooks Download


Elisa- I’m a video game creator by day and a nerdy cosplayer and gamer by night, but I live by my own rules. When the handsome Gargoyle appears in my dreams, I’m instantly smitten, feeling like I’ve known him my entire life.
But when I get pulled into the mystical labyrinth and come face-to-face with the beast who’s starred in my fantasies, everything changes. My stone protector is real, and he’s staking his claim.
Can I embrace the fate my heart desires and be the beauty who tames this beast?

Brody- I’m trapped in a mystical labyrinth, forced to live vicariously through the life of the mortal I watch each night. Beautiful Elisa, with her secret smiles and playful laughter, is a siren call my beastly body aches to answer.
But she’s oblivious to my existence…isn’t she?
When danger strikes, I’ll risk everything to save her, no longer content with fantasy. I’m ready to claim my mate.

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