D.I.L.F Dad I’d Like to Fight by Jamie Knight (ePUB)

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D.I.L.F Dad I’d Like to Fight (Love Under Lockdown #29) by Jamie Knight – Free eBooks Download


He’s an arrogant, cocky playboy, and working with him is bad enough.
Now I’ve got to live with him?

My life is about two things:
My daughter, and my law career.
Gen’s father is out of the picture and I don’t mind being alone.
Especially considering the kind of men in my dating pool.
Case in point, Niles Veek.
Word around the office is that he’s a player.
And he’s good at the game.
But I’m not looking to be his next score, no matter how sinfully hot he is.
I’m pretty successful at staying out of his path until the city goes into lockdown.
With Gen’s daycare shut down, too, I can’t work from home and keep an eye on her.
But my law firm has a creative solution, pairing up all of us associates so we can work together.
And surprise, surprise, I apparently pulled the short straw and I’m stuck with Niles.
What actually is surprising is that he won’t be alone.
Like me, he’s a single parent, and his little girl is his world.
Seeing that side of him puts him in a whole new light.

But no matter how much I may want him,
Can I really trust that I’ll be more than just another score?

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