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Cursed (Destiny Falls #5) by Rebecca Wilder – Free eBooks Download


This story starts with a curse.
Record Mason’s whole life has been a curse, actually. At least that’s what her parents have always told her.
It’s kind of a long story.
She’s sick of being a problem for her family and bringing them down with her bad luck though, so she packs up her old car and hits the road.
She’s got a plan… kind of.
That plan comes to a screeching halt when her car breaks down just outside of Destiny Falls, Michigan.
Luckily for her, she has a friend that lives in town and after a call to the local mechanic, she’s determined to get back on with her new life.
Then Gavin hops out of the tow truck.
She’s into the sexy mechanic from the first moment, but she can’t forget the curse. She’s trying to get away from people so that she can’t hurt them, so she needs to stay away from him at all costs.
Except Gavin doesn’t seem to want her to.
When she tells him about the curse, he laughs in her face. Then he shows up the next day, determined to prove her wrong.
Will Gavin be able to break the curse, or is Record destined to a solitary existence?

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