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Cursed (Warriors of Light #6) by April Zyon – Free eBooks Download


Krista Reins has the unfortunate luck of being able to hear the dead. While it’s helpful for her job, it can be downright annoying in everyday life. She does her best to assist the locals, but stays as far as she can from the Feds. She couldn’t give them any answers that wouldn’t get her locked up in a padded cell, and she has no wish to be in one. But when Eric comes looking for her she wonders if her life is finally changing for the good, or if this is yet another sick twist of fate to knock her to her knees.

Eric Thorvaldsson knows that you get out of life what you put in. A warrior at heart, he also understands the beauty of a painting, the joy of music, and the pleasure of a woman. What he never expected was to find his woman right before the world went to hell. When the Darkness unleashes its forces to ensure they don’t walk away with the woman, Eric knows it might come down to an all-out fight to the death to keep her safe. And he has to keep her safe, she is his everything.

Getting home to the mountain will be a chore with a killer on Krista’s tail who is bound and determined to keep her away from her man. Krista and Eric will have to work together to keep one another safe from whatever comes their way.

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