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Cuddly Demon (Possessive Love) by Aster Rae – Free eBooks Download


I didn’t expect the summoning spell I found on Tik Tok to work.
I’m Saint. I’m your average, run-of-the-mill, overstressed college sophomore. My boyfriend prospects are nil, and that’s assuming I even have time for a partner.
Ha. An English major with free time. That’s a good one.
When I use a spell I found in a viral Tik Tok video to help me with an assignment, the last thing I expect is for a super ripped blue-skinned demon to show up in the campus library.
My demon’s name is Onyx, and his last master locked him in an Etruscan tomb three thousand years ago. Onyx tells me that he’s here to do my bidding and I think that sounds great, to be honest. He quickly finishes my classwork and even makes a new game I’ve wanted appear out of nowhere.
Onyx’s assistance comes with a price. As it turns out, he was shut up in the cave because his last master refused to pay up.
I ask Onyx what his price is, and he tells me he demands… cuddles. And kisses. And lots and lots of… other things.
Looks like I conjured up more than I bargained for…

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