Cry of the Damned by Ingrid Seymour (ePUB)

cry of damned, ingrid seymour

Cry of the Damned (Wild Packs #3) by Ingrid Seymour – Free eBooks Download


The Lux Academy breeds destruction and hatred. Now, I will breed its end.
My pack was disseminated by Academy magistrates. Almost everyone was murdered and the children taken to be molded into fierce enemies of the wildlings.
The shifter packs and witch covens want revenge, and they don’t care if they bring pain and destruction to the innocent. But we can’t let our foes turn us into monsters.
There is a better way, and along with my triad—three faithful, strong, and sexy allies—I mean to find it. So we infiltrate their city and try to undermine them from within. Except, the Academy’s deceit and cruelty run deeper than we ever could have imagined.
If I’m to destroy them, I will have to make choices that might always haunt me, if I manage to escape with my life. And as every moment in Lux City becomes increasingly more dangerous for me and my friend, the choices become impossible.
I fear the end is near, and that I won’t live to complete the bond my fated mate craves.

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