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Crush (Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides #19) by Elsa Jade – Free eBooks Download


The Omega Reclamation Crew is in trouble. After the loss of their homeworld and generations spent in the cold darkness of space, fewer eggs hatch every year—and now only males. Losing hope, the ORC asteroid mining ship DeepWander has one chance to make a deal at the Luster, an astronomically infamous gathering of salvage and retrieval mercenaries. But the orcs need dates to the big bash…
Welcome to the Intergalactic Dating Agency!
Crusher Teq was hatched for one task: breaking space rocks. To save the DeepWander, he’ll crush with his four bare hands, if necessary. When the Big Sky IDA sends delicate Earther females, Teq knows he’s too big and rough to take a wife-mate. He vows to keep all his hands to himself—even after one soft, alien kiss threatens to ignite his i’lva: the mystical light of orc legend.
With her young son at risk, Adeline Barlow had only one thought: get as far away from their painful past as possible. She just hadn’t realized quite how far that might be. As an alien mail order bride, she might finally find a happy home among the orcs—maybe with the mighty crusher with his big hands, gentle touch, and deep, dark gaze?
But weird whispers in the night warn of betrayal, and it seems dating and mating are more explosively dangerous than they ever believed. Now a fortune—along with their future—is slipping through their fingers. The orcs and their wife-mates must hold on tight or they’ll lose the DeepWander and their last chance at a love brighter than the stars.

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