Cruel Mate by Mia Wolf (ePUB)

cruel mate, mia wolf

Cruel Mate (Nightstar Black Ops Wolves #2) by Mia Wolf – Free eBooks Download


He’s obsessed with bullying me. And with getting me pregnant…
He taunts me until I almost collapse. He torments me until I almost break.
But suddenly, the black ops beast inside of him changes tactics and turns possessive of me.
And when he’s done, he claims me and my pregnant belly as his alone.
He triggers memories of a painful, abusive past that I would like to forget.
I’ve tried to avoid him, but he carries me off to an isolated cabin in the mountains.
And inside that cabin, I can no longer avoid the vicious lashing of his tongue.
Inside that cabin, I can no longer avoid the addictive heat of his body.
The cruel words he spoke are covered by intense, deep kisses.
The deep wounds he inflicted are healed by slow, rough strokes.
I lay on the dirty sheets as he teases my body until it’s at breaking point.
And all the while I ask myself: Is this black ops wolf my tormentor?
Or is he the baby daddy that I crave?

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