Cruel Alpha Dragon by Alexa Griffin (ePUB)

cruel alpha dragon, alexa griffin

Cruel Alpha Dragon (Candara Dragon Ops #1) by Alexa Griffin – Free eBooks Download


The Alpha Dragon betrayed me, forced me to marry him, and then impregnated me.
It’s been years since he broke me. I focused on raising my child in our small mountain town.
But he and his ops team are back for one reason: to protect my voluptuous curves. I refuse him.
So he does the only thing that creates magical protection: Force me to marry him.

I’m furious that he’s forced me into marriage, but he says it’s the only way.
I’m furious that he follows me around obsessively but he says he has to stay close.
He claims there’s a world out there that I know nothing about.
A world only he can break open in me.

He lives in my house and refuses to put a shirt on. And the tension builds inside my core.
My awakening lies in his cruel hands, in his scorching mouth.
My vulnerability is sacrificed for his dominion, for our bond.
He changes something inside of me, making my belly swell and my powers strengthen.

Can I give myself to the Alpha who broke me?

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