Crouching Woman Hidden Dagger by Alisha Sunderland (ePUB)

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Crouching Woman Hidden Dagger (Not Your Mama’s Alien Romance #3) by Alisha Sunderland – Free eBooks Download


The things a girl’s gotta do to marry the alien love of her life.
Leave my new found home in the midst of an Interplanetary war, so we can travel to his home
planet: Check.
Try really hard NOT to jump my soon-to-be husband’s sexy bones while we participate in his
people’s version of a wedding : Check.
Remember my promise to everyone I care about to keep calm and not get stabby: Maybe
As I navigate a new planet while trying to learn Rema’s culture and traditions – while avoiding
assassination attempts and catty females – our friends are scattered to the far corners of space,
and the enemy is making their next move. The pressure is on to find our happiness while we
I just hope Rema’s ready for a lifetime with me and my psychopathic tendencies and my need to
fully enjoy every bit of his gorgeous *ahem* body. Because after all this, when I finally get my
hands on.. it, there is zero chance I am letting him escape.
So to recount..
Get married
Return to our ship – bringing support from the Neldre if I have anything to say about it.
Reunite with my girls
Move towards putting the Unity out of business for good.
Yeah, simple right?
It’s a good thing I’m so calm and totally sane, or someone would get redrum-ed…kidding.

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