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cross my heart, logan chance

Cross My Heart (Gods of Saint Pierce #2) by Logan Chance – Free eBooks Download


Thanks to podcaster gossip, my firm thinks I’m not a good fit for the high-profile case of my dreams. They want someone in a committed relationship.
Stone Ages, right?
So, I lie and mention I’m dating the charismatic billionaire, Roman Thorne—my brother’s best friend and my secret crush.
Dating Roman is totally off limits, but fake dating could be the answer. Finally having a reason to touch the man that stars in my fantasies without ruining our friendship is an added bonus.
But no one’s buying it. We’re opposites, they say. He’s too much of a playboy and I’m too much of a prude.
Challenge accepted.
Once we move in together the passion intensifies. But before long, it’s hard to find the line where reality begins and illusion ends.
Until trouble threatens our fauxmance.
Just how far am I willing to go for a relationship that feels all too real?

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