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Cross Check Crush (Dating a Denver Dragon #2) by Dulcie Dameron – Free eBooks Download


This is one crush she’s willing to bet on…

Reality star sweetheart, Freya Danielson, is no stranger to living under a microscope. But not even her fans know about her secret crush on hockey’s hottest bad boy, Bridger Baros.
Bridger’s grumpy persona might be off-putting to some, but Freya sees past the bluster to who he is underneath. Sweet, shy, considerate…
And woefully oblivious to how deep Freya’s feelings run.
Bridger can’t catch a break. If it’s not his brother’s constant passive-aggressive comparison bringing on a headache, it’s his teammates ragging about his aversion to dating. But when everything comes to a head after a frustrating phone call, Bridger finds himself in need help.
He needs a fiancée. Fast.
When Bridger finds out the owner of his social media fan page is none other than the country’s most beloved “good girl,” he proposes they strike a deal: If she’ll pretend to be his fiancée at his family’s Thanksgiving get together, he’ll help her monetize her fan page by giving her an insider’s scoop into what it’s like to be a Dragon.
There’s just one catch—for Freya, nothing with Bridger is pretend. And she’s secretly hoping that by the time their holiday weekend away is over, Bridger has caught feelings for her too.

Putting it all on the line for a self-proclaimed bachelor is scary, but Freya’s determined to win Bridger’s heart—or get crushed trying.

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