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crimson loyalties, catalina snow

Crimson Loyalties (Tangled Desires: Bloodline Mafia #2) by Catalina Snow – Free eBooks Download


In the gilded corridors of the La Serpiente Dorada cartel, Diego Cervantes navigates a world where power and peril are inseparable. As the middle son of a formidable mafia dynasty, Diego is no stranger to the shadows that shroud his family’s empire. But when Inés Domínguez, a woman with a past as enigmatic as his own, enters his life, Diego is drawn into an unforeseen storm of emotions.
Inés, resilient and fiercely independent, carries secrets that echo in the silence of her soul. A chance encounter intertwines her fate with Diego’s, revealing a connection beyond mere coincidence. As they are pulled deeper into each other’s worlds, Diego’s protective instincts are awakened, not by Inés’s desire but by his unforeseen need to shield her from the dangers lurking in their shared realm.
Crimson Loyalties unveils a tale of passion, betrayal, and the intricate dance of destiny. With the Cervantes family embroiled in the high-stakes acquisition of an entangled tequila brand, Diego and Inés find themselves at the heart of a power play that threatens to unravel the threads of their tenuous bond.
As Diego grapples with his PTSD, a shadow from his past, he must confront the demons that haunt him while forging a path that might lead to redemption. Amidst the intricate web of cartel politics and family allegiances, can the connection between Diego and Inés withstand the revelations that seek to tear them apart?

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