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crimson fate, wendy owens

Crimson Fate (The Crimson #2) by Wendy Owens – Free eBooks Download


In the electrifying sequel to the steamy mafia romance, Vincent King is grappling with the weight of his new role as head of the family and the unsettling alliance formed through his sister Amelia’s marriage to Alexei Ivanov.

Haunted by the responsibilities of leadership and the shadows of the past, Vincent feels lost. When a loyal member of the King crime family suggests a strategic marriage to his daughter to show the house is not divided, Vincent agrees, seeing it as a necessary step to strengthen the family’s power and protect its future.
Eva, always the steadfast friend and confidante, has been a constant in Vincent’s turbulent life. Amidst the chaos the King empire went through, Eva’s presence had become a source of comfort and strength for him. When she learns of his engagement he is confused when she pulls away from him. As he prepares to enter a loveless marriage for the sake of the family, Vincent is struck by a sudden, undeniable realization – he is deeply, irrevocably in love with Eva.
Torn between duty and desire, Vincent finds himself at a crossroads. Pursuing his feelings for Eva could jeopardize the fragile peace he has fought so hard to maintain within his family. Yet, denying his heart could mean losing the one person who has been his anchor in the storm.

In this passionate and thrilling sequel, the stakes are higher as love, loyalty, and power collide. Vincent and Eva must decide if they are willing to risk the fragile peace for a chance at happiness, or if the shadows of their duties will forever keep their hearts apart.

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