Crimson Cocktail by Karpov Kinrade (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Crimson Cocktail (Vampire Girl) by Karpov Kinrade – Free eBooks Download


Set in Karpov Kinrade’s USA Today bestselling Vampire Girl universe, comes a standalone story that will leave you wanting more.


A thirst like I’ve never before experienced wakes me from a deep sleep full of vaguely haunting dreams. When I peel my eyes open enough to take stock of where I am, I realize three things at once: I’m in a bed not my own, there is a stranger’s arm draped around me, and… we are both naked. Oh, and there’s a brand new wedding ring on my left index finger.

This is how my day starts. In a Las Vegas hotel room, married to a stranger I don’t remember meeting. So cliche, right? What’s worse is that I’m a highly respected librarian in Las Vegas, not some drunken tourist.

That would all be bad enough… until I find out the worst part. I’ve been turned into a vampire, and some other really evil vampires want me dead.

I guess the honeymoon will have to wait. If we even stay married.

First, though, we have to stay alive.

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