Crescent Cove Series by Taryn Quinn (ePUB)

crescent cove, taryn quinn

Crescent Cove: A Small Town Romantic Comedy Box Set by Taryn Quinn – Free eBooks Download


Welcome to Central New York’s #1 Baby Town, Crescent Cove!
We’d like to introduce you to our bestselling series where the babies are plentiful and Happily Ever After is guaranteed. Try out the first FOUR books in one volume.

What you’ll find inside:
• Best friends falling in love
• Frenemies to lovers with a bonus plus sign complication
• A grumpy mechanic single dad falling for his kid’s sweetly sassy teacher
• An ex-race car driver finds out his one night stand is his new sister-in-law—OOPS!

Book 1, HAVE MY BABY: My best friend Seth’s little girl wants a sibling, but he’s a workaholic millionaire who doesn’t have time to meet someone…so he asks me to have his baby.
Book 2, CLAIM MY BABY: When I hooked up with my frenemy on a wild trip to Vegas, I never expected we’d be bringing home an extra-special gift.
Book 3, WHO’S THE DADDY?: I delivered a pizza to Kelsey and ended up staying for an especially spicy dessert. Then I found out she was my son’s teacher—and oops, she’s having my baby…
Book 4, PIT STOP: BABY!: After an impetuous hookup, I find out the unforgettable woman I slept with is now family when our siblings get married. And surprise, we are adding an unexpected new family member of our own…

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