Creation’s Captive by Melody Joanne (ePUB)

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Creation’s Captive (Broken Souls Trilogy #1) by Melody Joanne – Free eBooks Download


The day I started seeing ghosts – my life went to shit. Too bad the Fates don’t hand out gift receipts because respectfully, I’d like a refund. Unfortunately, those meddlesome hags aren’t even close to being done with me.

A powerful, destructive creature is on the prowl and threatens the existence of the universe. The only way to stop the creature is with equal destructive power. That’s where I come in.
Not that I have any kind of destructive power of my own. That would have been way too cool. Instead, I’ve been tasked with acting as a supernatural dog walker for an equally powerful creature. Of course, said creature happens to be my ex from a previous life. Yeah, it’s as messy as it sounds.
He’s lost me once and will stop at nothing to possess me.
To cap it off, we’re bound by a bond that makes me burn for him, even when I’m not sure I like the guy.
I’m fine, totally fine.
(I’m not fine).

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