Cream Puff Punishment by Addison Moore (ePUB)

cream puff punishment, addison moore

Cream Puff Punishment (MURDER IN THE MIX #43) by Addison Moore – Free eBooks Download


My name is Lottie Lemon, and I see dead people. Okay, so I rarely see dead people, mostly I see furry creatures of the dearly departed variety, who have come back from the other side to warn me of their previous owner’s impending doom.
The Easter bunny isn’t the only one hopping into town, a killer has hopped on over too. A home renovation show is taping in town and the big reveal might just turn out to be lethal. Not only does Lottie stumble upon a double homicide but another body turns up as well and leaves Detective Noah Fox wondering if he has a serial killer on his hands.
Everett is holding a secret close to the vest, and as if holding his own deadly secret wasn’t enough, he’s holding one for Evie too.
It’s springtime in Honey Hollow. A dangerous killer is on the loose, and Lottie Lemon is in way over her head. And as much as she loves flowers at this time of year, she hopes she won’t be pushing up daisies any time soon.
Lottie Lemon has a brand new bakery to tend to, a budding romance with perhaps one too many suitors, and she has the supernatural ability to see the dead—which are always harbingers for ominous things to come. Throw in a string of murders, and her insatiable thirst for justice, and you’ll have more chaos than you know what to do with.

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