Craving My Rugged Lumberjack by Sierra Hunter (ePUB)

craving rugged lumberjack, sierra hunter

Craving My Rugged Lumberjack (Timber Brothers #2) by Sierra Hunter – Free eBooks Download


I abandoned everyone I loved for wanderlust and adventure. Now, destiny offers me the greatest prize if I’m brave enough to take it.
Birch was my entire world growing up in the rugged mountain town of White Pine. We were inseparable until I left to explore new places, breaking both our hearts. Now, over a decade later, fate has led me back into his strong arms.
Being with Birch again makes my heart race like we’re two wild teenagers, sneaking kisses under the shadowed pines. His handsome face still makes my breath hitch, and his hands, roughened from years of forestry work, still send electric shivers down my spine.
But leaving him for so long took a toll on our relationship. As much as I want to be with Birch, I need to heal the scars my youthful craving for adventure left behind. I need to prove to him that I’m sticking around for good this time.
Will the lumberjack I left behind take another chance on the wanderer who finally found her way home? Or will our second chance at love slip through our fingers like the fleeting embers of a campfire?

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