Craved By Her Mountain Daddies by Shae Sullivan (ePUB)

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Craved by Her Mountain Daddies (Crooked Creek #7) by Shae Sullivan – Free eBooks Download


A sweet virgin looking for a fresh start, a deadly mystery, and the three rugged mountain daddies who will stop at nothing to claim her as their own…

After mom died, I needed a fresh start.
Somewhere to recharge, focus on my photography, and make a new plan.
And Crooked Crest seemed like the perfect place to do that.
But instead of just finding myself, I found them.
Three best friends who stoke a forbidden fire within me.
One pushes me away. One pulls me in. And the other keeps me guessing.
I shouldn’t want them.
After all, they’re almost twice my age…
But these mountain daddies are determined to show me that when it comes to pleasure, they can give me everything the college boys never could.

Our life is simple.
The only things we need are our land and each other.
But then she shows up.
A breathtaking little tourist who’s far too innocent for damaged bastards like us.
So we immediately push her away.
But when we’re forced together again, we can’t ignore the primal instincts awakening inside us.
And now, more than our desire to protect her is our need to possess her, body and soul.

We’ve had our fair share of women.
But they usually want to tear us apart, not bring us together.
After the last mess, we agreed it’s one woman for all—or none.
I never thought it would happen…until I saw her.
Lucy is everything we’ve been waiting for.
I just need to convince Boone and Nate to let down their guards and see it.
But more obstacles stand in the way than just my broody best friends.
Dangerous, deadly obstacles.
But when it comes down to it, Lucy’s ours.
And we’ll do whatever it takes to claim her.

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