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“I never thought I would see him again. Not in the real world. Not here.”

After Arden Hart gets into a horrible collision with a drunk driver, her life comes to a standstill. Now, she’s a year behind her peers in graduating high school, college plans are on hold indefinitely, and nightmares of that horrifying night plague her every time she shuts her eyes. The only way she can cope with her past is by detaching from the present, so Arden makes it her mission to isolate herself.

Everything changes when Henry Ames, the young, mysterious guy who saved her from the car wreck, unexpectedly becomes the new Creative Writing teacher at her high school. Much to Arden’s frustration, his presence is a constant reminder of the night she’s tried so hard to forget. When Henry is forced to help her with an assignment that confronts her buried emotions, she has no choice but to face her trauma head-on. What she doesn’t expect is the immediate connection she feels to Henry. As the two begin to develop an undeniable bond, Arden comes to a startling realization—the one person she cannot have is the only person she doesn’t want to push away.

Though Henry is adamant that their relationship remains professional, neither can deny their growing feelings. When boundaries blur, emotions run high, and secrets from that terrible night emerge, Arden must decide if the fight for Henry’s heart is worth risking her own.

*CRASH COURSE contains strong language, mature content, and dark themes.

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