Cowboy Whispering My Name by Jessie Gussman (ePUB)

cowboy my name, jessie gussman

Cowboy Whispering My Name (Coming Home to North Dakota #11) by Jessie Gussman – Free eBooks Download


Katie Dettinger didn’t expect to be a single mom. Didn’t expect to have her husband cheat and leave. Didn’t think she’d be alone raising her kids.
But she is. And it’s harder than she thought. There’s never enough time, never enough money and now she’s lost her job and might be losing her house.
When the Piece Makers come to her with a plan, she doesn’t have much choice but to go along with it, as much as she might not want to.
Flynn Powers is the quiet one. Steady. Never steps out of line. Is completely dependable and never does anything on the spur of the moment.
Except get married.
Katie and he had been best friends back in the day. How could he not help her out, even if it means a lifetime commitment?And, maybe, if she remembers that she can trust him and depend on him, what they have could grow into more.

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