Cowboy Stolen Kiss for Christmas by Jo Grafford (ePUB)

cowboy stolen kiss, jo grafford

Cowboy Stolen Kiss for Christmas (A Very Country Christmas Wish #8) by Jo Grafford – Free eBooks Download


Bronc riding champ Ames Carson is at a major crossroads in his career. His brothers are gonna die laughing if they ever find out the hardest part of his decision is this — should he kiss his best friend before leaving town?
He wants to. That’s a given. But he’s afraid of ruining a perfectly good friendship, if it turns out she doesn’t feel the same way about him. That’s the tough thing about being best buds with the girl next door. He knows literally everything else about her but THAT.

He knows who her first crush was (not him), and the first guy she kissed (also not him), as well as her first fiancé (not him either). He would give anything to know if she’s done practicing on all the wrong guys and ready to two-step beneath the mistletoe with him. Unfortunately, it never seems to be the right moment, and now he’s obsessing night and day about stealing a quick kiss from her before hitting the road. If she’s not interested, at least he’ll be gone. If she is interested…whew! Yes, please. That’s a problem he wouldn’t mind having.

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