Cowboy Friend Zone for Christmas by Jo Grafford (ePUB)

cowboy friend zone, jo grafford

Cowboy Friend Zone for Christmas (A Very Country Christmas Wish #7) by Jo Grafford – Free eBooks Download


A wounded rodeo champion and a lovely horse trainer make a friendship pact to protect each other’s broken hearts from rebound relationships.
Their ground rules are simple:

1. Need a plus one at a holiday get-together? Ask each other.
2. Feeling bored or lonely? Call or text each other.
3. Accidentally step beneath the mistletoe? Um…

Okay, it’s kind of impossible to make a rule for every situation, so their feelings soon get a little tangled up with each other. But that’s okay, right? Because friends are supposed to care for friends. What they didn’t count on was just how easily two broken halves might fit together to form a new whole.
Should they bend the ground rules a little to explore their unexpected chemistry or stick to the original plan of playing it safe in the friend zone?

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