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cover me, casey hagen

Cover Me (So Wrong It’s Right #2) by Casey Hagen – Free eBooks Download


In the cutthroat world of corporate advertising, Trevor Myers owns the competition.
In the boardroom, his charming smile and endless connections guarantee success.
And at night, there’s never a shortage of beautiful women to warm his sheets.
But when the corporate game goes into overtime, with the chance of the lifetime just out of his grasp, Trevor will do anything it takes to reach the end zone.
There’s just one pesky little problem…
Victory lies in the ultimate Hail Mary.
His best friend’s little sister, Piper Bradley.
With a guaranteed career fumble in his future, he’s got no choice but to go for the ultimate blind side.

Piper Bradley didn’t run away from the life-altering decision awaiting her. Not at all.
If anything she had an obligation to repay a debt.
The fact that she owed her brother’s best friend didn’t hurt.
After all, he was once a football god, and the same man who’d taken her to prom.
At least, that’s what she told herself when Trevor Myers showed up to haul her off to upstate New York.
She could play the game, cover him while he schmoozed the corner office out of his unsuspecting boss.
Maybe she’d be able to finally collect her goodnight kiss… the one she never got after prom.
He’s determined to get into her end zone, she might just be willing to go light on her defense and let him…
As long as she doesn’t fall in love.

Assumptions, surprises, and an epic battle of wills leads to the inescapable clash between Trevor’s playboy ways and the elemental pull of the girl next door.

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