Court of Vines and Vipers by Emberly Ash (ePUB)

court vines vipers, emberly ash

Court of Vines and Vipers (Secrets of the Faerie Crown #3) by Emberly Ash – Free eBooks Download


Some of us aren’t meant to be happy.
I was foolish to think I deserved it.

The darkness is coming for Annwyn. Veyka Pendragon must stand—with her friends spread across the realms, her mate lost to her, her heart in shreds.
She must face down seven thousand years of prejudice and a lifetime of self doubt. She must make herself a queen that other kingdoms want to ally with… or the entire world will descend into darkness. But how will she defend the world from a darkness rooted in her very soul? She has come to love that dark power within her.
But love is dangerous. Love can kill. Love can be lost.
And the mate that emerges from the mist? Will Arran Earthborn recognize the female he fell in love with… can he love the queen she’s been forced to become?
I was made for death and destruction.
Honed as a weapon since childhood.
But in the face of the ultimate darkness… even I might not be enough.

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