Courageous Yearnings by Ginny Sterling (ePUB)

courageous yearnings, ginny sterling

Courageous Yearnings (Flirt’s Battalion #7) by Ginny Sterling – Free eBooks Download


Lance Cortes could never live down that infamous calendar, forever haunted by the memories it brought. But what stayed with him even more was the unforgettable reaction of the woman who won the auction for charity. She possessed an alluring, curvaceous figure, and her eyes fixated on him as though he were the center of her universe. It was a mixture of embarrassment and fascination, a captivating combination that left him spellbound.
Blythe Monroe refused to let this opportunity slip away, unyielding in the face of intimidation. This was her chance to be photographed alongside the man who had captivated her heart time and time again. The photo shoot was a dream come true, granting her the rare chance to finally engage with the handsome man who had previously overlooked her presence.

Could this single moment of bravery pave the way for a lifetime of regret… or a blossoming love?

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