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Cosmic Cardio (Once Upon a Bite #2) by Charity Parkerson – Free eBooks Download


Cosmos feels like he’s just found himself. Then a young vamp rips everything away from him. Now he must get his revenge.
In his twenties, Cosmos fluttered around, doing every odd job imaginable. Only recently has he discovered his passion: fitness. He’s started his spin class, Cosmic Cardio, and—for the first time—everything in his life feels complete. Until one bite at a club ruins everything. Now, there’s only one thing Cosmos can do to reclaim his pride. He has to find the vampire who bit him and destroy his life.
When Vega’s ex left him with a teenaged son years ago, he thought being a single dad would be his biggest challenge. Then his son came home a vampire. Now his son won’t stop turning people against their will. When Cosmos shows up angry and bent on teaching his son a lesson, Vega is just fed up enough to let it happen. After all, it’s not like Cosmos plans to kill him. He simply intends to marry Vega and be the step-vampire from hell. Vega has already had one nightmare marriage. At least Cosmos intends to co-parent. What does he have to lose? Only maybe his heart. That’s nothing he hasn’t lost before.

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