Corrupt Loyalties by Emily Bowie (ePUB)

corrupt loyalties, emily bowie

Corrupt Loyalties by Emily Bowie – Free eBooks Download


Soren Moretti looks at me like a bug that needs to be squashed, until he realizes he needs a wife.

Soren Moretti is cold, arrogant, and irritatingly handsome. Each time those icy glares narrow on me, I push back. Just because everyone else bows to him, doesn’t mean I have to. And I won’t.
His perfect world begins to crumble and those glares turn too dark and hungry for a man who’s about to be married. What I don’t realize is that it’s me who is to become his unwilling bride. Am I just another pawn in his family’s intricate play for power.
The lines blur between loyalty and self-preservation, and I have to navigate the mafia world where betrayals lurk around every corner. I’m left wondering what’s real and what’s not. All I know for certain is times up and we’re out of moves.

This is a standalone mafia romance.

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