Controlling Chloe by Kate Oliver (ePUB)

controlling chloe, kate oliver

Controlling Chloe (Syndicate Kings #3) by Kate Oliver – Free eBooks Download


He’s my brother’s best friend and he saved me.
Now he says I’m his and he takes care of me in a way you wouldn’t expect from a ruthless mafia boss.
He also disciplines me when I’m naughty and makes me call him Daddy.
Do I want another man controlling my entire life?
I’m just not so sure he’ll let me go even if I wanted to.

I’ve had feelings for her for years, but I kept my distance because of who she is.
When I finally get the blessing I never expected, my feelings for her become an overpowering obsession.
I live and breathe to keep her happy and safe.
There are no boundaries when it comes to her.
And I’ll do anything to make her mine forever.

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