Contract Killers Love Cupcakes by Roselyn Samuels (ePUB)

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Contract Killers Love Cupcakes (Price Elite Inc. #1) by Roselyn Samuels – Free eBooks Download


My life was an endless cycle of find the target, kill the target, and get paid well for doing it. I could feel the mark on my soul getting darker even though I was taking out the worst scum in humanity. My entire team was becoming numb to the death and pain we were dealing out. Until I met her…
I spotted a tiny woman through the windows of a bakery and suddenly my life had new purpose. Who knew the sweet cupcake of a woman would not only save me, but bring my team together, giving them a home they had never known? Can I resist the urge to tie her to me forever, long enough for her to fall in love with me? Or will I scare her away with how badly I want her?

Tall dark and handsome, he caught my breath the second I saw him. Even from across the street I could feel how lethal and dangerous he was. I could see how he would be intimidating but all I was is drawn to him. I’m not afraid of him; I’m only afraid a boring baker could never be enough for him.
Will I be able to find a home in the middle of a group of blood thirsty killers? Or will I become a casualty of a broken heart?

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