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Contract for Love (Infinite Tenderness #1) by Margaux Fox – Free eBooks Download


She is even more dazzling in real life than she is on the big screen. She is beautiful, alluring and offering me a secret contract to be with her.

This is a Rich Girl/Poor Girl, Movie Star, Age Gap, Lesbian romance between women from different worlds. It is a standalone romance in the Infinite Tenderness series. It is very steamy in nature and has a Happy Ever After.
Alexa Sharpe is a track athlete struggling to make ends meet and she works the bar at an exclusive London Hotel. When the Hollywood star, Dahlia Dante, shows up at her bar, Alexa isn’t surprised, but she is intrigued.
There is sexual chemistry between her and Dahlia, she is sure of it.
Although, according to Google, Dahlia is straight.
When Dahlia invites Alexa to her hotel suite, there is a man in a suit waiting with a contract for her to sign. The famous Dahlia Dante wants Alexa, but only behind closed doors, and there are many rules and conditions to abide by.
Falling in love is not part of the contract.
Alexa is approaching the biggest race of her career and she can’t afford to fail.
With the passion rising between them, and the stakes ever higher, their relationship threatens to take down everything both of them have worked for.
And it isn’t even really love, it is just a signed contract that doesn’t involve love… isn’t it?

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