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Consorting with Romance by Rayne Hawthorne – Free eBooks Download


Working as a consort has been a respectable profession for close to a century now, and while I didn’t exactly sit around dreaming about this profession in my youth, when dad died and I suddenly had to care for not just myself but my younger sister as well…let’s just say sometimes we stumble onto a path by accident.

My clients are mostly regulars, so I don’t have to deal with many weird surprises, but they make enough new client referrals to keep things interesting. I’ve done well enough for myself that several years back I was able to purchase a small house with a yard outside the city, and my work apartment is in an upscale part of town. All things considered, at 36, I love my life. I have my work and my books and my plants, and I’m happy. I’ve never felt like I’ve missed out on anything life has to offer…accept a new assistant.

I definitely need to find a new assistant.

I come from a family of farmers, but I’ve always felt like I have more to offer. When I’d told my family that I wanted to go to medical school instead of staying on the farm, they’d hugged me, supported me, and told me they were sure that I was going to be a success no matter what path I followed. They’d saved every penny they could, and had somehow been able to send me off to the city with my tuition and expenses fully paid. Only, it turns out the city is more expensive than we’d expected and I don’t have the heart to tell them even with all they’ve given me I can’t quite afford things like…well…food…

When I saw the help wanted listing, the money and hours made it seem like someone had miraculously created a job posting exclusively for me.

Now if only I knew how to be a consort’s assistant…

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