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conor, mary kennedy

Conor (Voodoo Guardians #22) by Mary Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


Conor Quinn finds himself in a dangerous and unusual situation. He’s now a hostage of the North Korean army. Beaten, abused and interrogated daily, he’s trying to find a way out; a silver lining. The vision of a woman keeps popping into his head, but he has bigger problems right now. Someone on his team sold him out. A fellow SEAL gave his position away, endangering their entire team. When his family team stumbles onto his location, finding a beaten, unrecognizable man, they do what they’re trained to do. Save the prisoner, get him home, and nurse him back to health. Things aren’t over for Conor. Not yet. Especially when the woman from his visions walks onto Belle Fleur property.
Sydney Lowry is trying to find the leak in their North Korean operation. She’s working with all the right partners, then finds herself a prisoner along with a handsome smart-mouthed SEAL. While she’s able to secure her freedom, she can’t make herself go home. Instead, she’s sent back to find the SEAL. When she discovers him gone, she follows the trail that only her godfather knows about. Together, she and Conor must find a way to stop the madness in North Korea, and in the process, help a young mother and her daughter.

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