Confessions of a Soldier by Lexi Noir (ePUB)

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Confessions of a Soldier by Lexi Noir – Free eBooks Download


Staff Sergeant Jenson Miller moves to a new base in Afghanistan and he’s hoping that he can complete this tour and then move back home to look after his parents.
The last thing he expects to find in the desert and a dusty cave is love. But when he first sets eyes on Corporal Wilson, he doubts his decision to leave.
Corporal Tilly Wilson has met a lot of men during her tours of duty, but none of them have ever caught her eye. When she first sees Jenson, he sets her heart on fire.
But their time together is coming to an end when Jenson leaves to fulfil his familial duty.
For the first time in his life he now knows what his family and friends felt like when he went off on tour. He just prays that Tilly comes home to him in one piece.
Their love is hot, heavy and quick, but what happens when Tilly comes home to visit Jenson? Will things still be the same? How will Jenson cope with letting her go again for her next tour?

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